martes, 27 de enero de 2009

TUTORÍA Miércoles 28 Enero

Módulo 2. Unidad 3.

Frequency adverbs: always, usually, often, sometimes, never.
Housework. Parts of a house, furniture. PRACTICE
Saxon Genitive: PRACTICE
Modals: must/mustn't; can.
Pronunciation /i:/ /I/ PRACTICE

Módulo 5. Unidad 3.

Fashion and Beauty. Clothes. QUIZ
Future: Going to - will. QUIZ

Módulo 8. Unidad 3.

Future: going to - will - present continuous - future continuous.
Compound words: every, some, any, no. QUIZ
Descriptions and Definitions. QUIZ
Ethnic diversity: Multiracial Societies. TEXT

miércoles, 21 de enero de 2009

TUTORÍA Miércoles 21 Enero

Módulo 2. Unidad 2.

Sightseeing: museum, cathedral, theatre, art gallery, ...
Present Continuous: am/are/is + -ing verb
Listening Practice

Módulo 5. Unidad 2.

Sports and healthy life.
Quantifiers (very, quite, rather) and Comparatives.

Módulo 8. Unidad 2.

Passive: to be + Past Participle
Ecology, Environment, Natural Disasters. Global Warming: look at this parody of President Bush talking about Global Warming:

Answer these questions in pairs: ESL Discussion Questions (Advanced Global Warming)

martes, 13 de enero de 2009

TUTORÍA Miércoles 14 Enero

Módulo 2. Unidad 1.

Vocabulary: single/return ticket; sleeper berth; platform; left-luggage office; arrivals...
Use of Prepositions: in, at, on.
Telling the time: PRACTICE
There is/There are

Módulo 5. Unidad 1.

Descriptions: physical appearance and personality (adjectives).
Looking for your ideal partner.

Módulo 8. Unidad 1.

Consumerism and shopping habits.
Making complaints: PODCAST
Phrasal verbs.