miércoles, 3 de diciembre de 2008

TUTORÍA Miércoles 3 Diciembre

Módulo 1. Unidades 6 y 7.

Eating out in a restaurant: vocabulary.
Would you like...? / I'd like
Countable/ uncountable nouns (some/any)
Shopping in a department store
Expressing opinions: adjectives

Módulo 4. Unidades 6 y 7.

Modals: must/mustn't/don't have to, can/can't/may, should/shouldn't
Past habits: used to
Health: vocabulary, alternative medicines
Comparative and superlative

Módulo 7. Unidades 6 y 7.

Families and bringing up children.
Reflexive pronouns: myself,...
Education in England.
Reported speech: questions and commands

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